Emphasis Parenthesis

What we do

At Emphasis Parenthesis, our goal is simple: helping people build better software, in a better way.

Quality as Standard

At the heart of our work are code quality and sustainable practices. We believe strongly in working to the highest degrees of professionalism in our industry, by placing an emphasis on writing well-tested, maintainable, and clean code. We do this by utilising a range of processes and practices which we feel are beneficial.

As all projects are different, we believe in being pragmatic and not dogmatic about the exact nature of our practices, but typically we will err towards test-driven design, agile principles, hexagonal architecture, and continuous integration, amongst others.

Mentoring and Learning

No-one has all the answers, so as well as providing any documentation or design work that you require, we endeavour to share our experience with your engineers. If we make particular design decisions, we’ll try to impart the reasons for those choices so that your engineers can make better decisions by themselves. Education should be a cornerstone of good industry practice.

Consultancy of Any Size

We provide a range of software consultancy and software engineering services to companies of any size; from small shops to very large financial services organisations. We take on projects for whatever length of time is required, whether that’s a few weeks, six months or a year.

We will work with you at any stage of a project. If you’re trying to add new features to a legacy system, we can help you understand it and conquer the problems you’re facing. If you’ve got an idea for a new system and need help refining and then implementing that idea, we have a wealth of experience to draw on. If you simply need more experienced engineers to help build out a project, we can quickly get up-to-speed and deliver results.

You may want help modernising your development practices: we can help by showing you the techniques and practices we use, as well as helping you understand why they work (and when they might not work as readily).

Contact Us

If you have any questions about what we do, if you want to engage our services, or you just want to chat about good code, feel free to contact us.


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